Tititi Finger Puppets & Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague


Pimprlata Commedia dell'arte in the toy collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague

Tititi Finger Puppets are inspired by Commedia dell’arte and were acquired by the collections of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague!

The complete set of five Tititi Finger Puppets, in special packaging, was acquired by the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague in 2023 to be a part of the museum’s permanent collection. Tititi Finger Puppets is the first series production of the Tititi Studio. 

Inspired by the stock characters of the Italian Commedia dell’arte, Tititi produces Magnifico, Zanni, Colombina, Dottore, and Pierrot as hand-painted finger puppets.  

Tititi Finger Puppets may be purchased individually or as a complete set. 

The design of the powerful Magnifico, cunning Colombina, clever Dottore, naive Pierrot and playful Zanni is inspired by the stock characters of Commedia dell’arte. This theatrical form emerged in Renaissance Italy and its main feature was improvisation and a set of stock characters (tipi fissi). The actors performed simple stories with plot twists which the audience often already knew. What is more, each of the stock characters had their unique costume, and so the audience quickly recognised what type of theatre they were witnessing. Commedia dell’arte performances were accentuated by wild and bizarre body movements of actors wearing colourful costumes that caught the eye of the passerby (the theatrical group often performed in the streets or along the promenades). And these colourful costumes proved eye-catching to me as well. In my new series, Tititi Finger Puppets, I am inspired by those costumes and to some I add a twist.  

Tititi Finger Puppets may be purchased individually or as a complete set. 

How are Tititi figurines made?

Tititi is a brand founded in 2019 by Tereza Talichová, which has since managed to establish itself in the field of contemporary Czech design for children. It focuses on the author’s painted wooden figurines, personifying in an individual form a number of different types of people, artists or dramatic characters from theatrical or literary works, viewed through a playful lens and with attention to detail.

Each of the figures is first created by turning the body of the figurine from wood (spruce, oak, linden). Except for exceptions, it is a symmetrical, vertical shape, individualized according to the designed profile (silhouette) and then finished with an original painting