Paris Design Week, 2021

Czech design celebrates success in Paris. The Czech Centre in Paris joined the Paris Design Week show for the second time with its #CzechConceptStore gallery and a new collection called “Ambassadors of Czech Design” under the direction of curator Danica Kovářová.
The exhibition in the library of the Czech Centre was created in cooperation with the West Bohemian Gallery and the City of Pilsen and is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of the famous architect and visionary Adolf Loos.
Tititi is participating in PARIS DESIGN WEEK and the autumn collection of the Czech Concept Store 1 September – 28 November 2021, 18 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris with figures of Coco, Mrs. Grygarová, Kinkongáč and others.
Tititi se účastní PARIS DESIGN WEEK a podzimní kolekce Czech Concept Store 1. 9. – 28. 11. 2021, 18 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris s figurkami Coco, Paní Grygarová, Kinkongáč a další

How are Tititi figurines made?

Tititi is a brand founded in 2019 by Tereza Talichová, which has since managed to establish itself in the field of contemporary Czech design for children. It focuses on the author’s painted wooden figurines, personifying in an individual form a number of different types of people, artists or dramatic characters from theatrical or literary works, viewed through a playful lens and with attention to detail.

Each of the figures is first created by turning the body of the figurine from wood (spruce, oak, linden). Except for exceptions, it is a symmetrical, vertical shape, individualized according to the designed profile (silhouette) and then finished with an original painting