Czech Toy: Past and Present


Mini Wonders / Czech Toy: Past and Present

Mini Wonders / Czech Toy: Past and Present

14 May – 9 September 2022 

The exhibition attracts both children and adults and showcases Czech-designed toys. It introduces visitors to the history, evolution, and contemporary trends of Czech toy production.

Curator: Tereza Bruthansová

Exhibition design: Anna Kozová + Jerry Koza / atelier SAD

Graphic design: Zuzana Lednická / Studio Najbrt

Project organisation: Czech Centres

The exhibition draws attention to the Czech toy phenomenon, which started in the early 20th century and continues to evolve in the present. The exhibition features unique examples of contemporary Czech toy production to highlight its innovation, originality, and tradition. The exhibition showcases the work of current designers alongside iconic designs dating back almost a hundred years. The oldest design featured in the exhibition dates back to 1920. 

Toys are small wonders of our world and hold magical powers. They are among the first objects with which we learn about the world around us and about our abilities. They speak in a universal language. They are treasures passed down from generation to generation, kept in suitcases in the attic. Hence, their installation in suitcases of Czech design at the exhibition. Czech toy is a tradition that is alive,” describes her curatorial work, Tereza Bruthansová. 

  • The exhibition presents a re-edition of twentieth-century designs alongside contemporary toy designs and the work of Czech designers: Jan Čapek, Adéla Fejtková, Anna and Jerry Koza, Kutulu, Zuzana Lednická, My dvě, Tomáš Rejmon, Re pello, Michal Strach, Tereza Šedivá, René Šulc, Tititi, Totemo, Utukutu, Woo and Czech companies Kazeto, Detoa Albrechtice, Efko, Fatra, Kovap, Merkur, Směr, Modernista, Moravská ústředna Brno (Cooperative of Artistic Production). 

Tititi figurines featured at the exhibition include: The Glutton, Mr Goodnight, Lady Dot and Dash, Mr Plum, Mr Colour. 

How are Tititi figurines made?

Tititi is a brand founded in 2019 by Tereza Talichová, which has since managed to establish itself in the field of contemporary Czech design for children. It focuses on the author’s painted wooden figurines, personifying in an individual form a number of different types of people, artists or dramatic characters from theatrical or literary works, viewed through a playful lens and with attention to detail.

Each of the figures is first created by turning the body of the figurine from wood (spruce, oak, linden). Except for exceptions, it is a symmetrical, vertical shape, individualized according to the designed profile (silhouette) and then finished with an original painting